Spanking Phone Sex With A Real Female Disciplinarian

Spanking phone calls with female disciplinarian MsEdenn

If you’re looking for spanking phone sex, you’ve probably often been disappointed.  You want to talk to a real female disciplinarian.  Someone with real experience who understands your spanking fetish because they have it too. Someone who genuinely understands the nervous excitement in having to stand in the corner with your nose to the wall, your pants down around your ankles, before finally being told to go get the hairbrush and then having to stand in front of her, being scolded.  Who understands the powerful but intensely erotic vulnerability in finding yourself in position over her lap for an embarrassing bare bottom spanking.

It’s not easy to find someone like that.

I have the highest rating in the spanking phone sex section of Niteflirt.  I do understand the spanking fetish because I was born with it too.  I’m a real life female spanker who has given hundreds of spankings, not as a paid professional female disciplinarian, but in my personal life to boyfriends, lovers, and play partners. l enjoy all kinds of spanking —domestic discipline, punishment, erotic, role play — and have used implements from hairbrushes to paddles to straps and crops and canes.  And I get as turned on by giving a spanking as you do by receiving one.

So give me a call!  I love talking to others who share my kink. My spanking phone calls run the gamut from:
* discussing real life experiences — mine or yours;
* discussing spanking fantasies;
* spanking advice – introducing it to a vanilla partner, finding a play partner, etc.;
* fantasy role play;
* or if you’re a misbehaving male who needs a good spanking, have a paddle or strap ready when you call, and I’ll make sure you have a red hot bottom before you hang up.
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Maybe Your Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy Needs A Spanking

Sissy spanking and cuckold spanking phone sexIt’s true that most people who call a spanking phone sex line have a spanking fetish.  For those people, there are an endless number of spanking fantasies but what they all have in common is that the focus of the fantasy is the spanking itself. That’s the turn on.  But spanking can be worked into lots of other fetish fantasies. Even for someone who’s not a spanking fetishist, there’s a wonderfully embarrassing indignity in having your pants pulled down and having your bottom repeatedly smacked and that can be a huge turn on, especially in a humiliation fantasy.

Sissy spanking is a perfect example. What better punishment for a sissy who’s lazy or careless or disobedient than to endure the humiliation of being put over Mistress’ knee, panties pulled down, for an embarrassing sissy spanking?

There are many possibilities and variations for cuckold spanking.  Wife spanking her cuck. Spanking him in front of her girlfriends to humiliate him and demonstrate her control over him. Or spanking him in front of her bull. Even the ultimate humiliating cuckold spanking — having her bull spank him.

Forced bi fantasies? Imagine you find yourself in a gay bar by mistake and that big, muscular guy sitting beside you hits on you.  When you resist and try to leave, he shows his dominance by flipping you over his knee right there at the bar and spanking you in front of everyone before dropping you to your knees on the floor between his legs.

Peeping Tom fantasy? Maybe the outraged neighborhood ladies discover your night time peeping activities and ambush you outside one day.  They pull your pants off and give you a humiliating public spanking.

There are lots of other possibilities too. So if you’re getting a little bored with your usual fetish phone sex and are craving something new, maybe it’s time to give your fantasy a spanking. 😉

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For The Love Of Spanking

standing in the corner, awaiting his spankingSome of my spanking phone callers have told me that they have a love/hate relationship with the experience of actually being spanked. This is true no matter how compelling their spanking fetish is, no matter how much time they spend fantasizing about spanking, looking at spanking videos or reading spanking stories. When the time finally comes and they’re about to get the bare bottom blistering they’ve been dreaming of — and even arranged for themselves — they often find themselves full of nervous dread, wondering why on earth they thought this was such a great idea.

It’s easy to understand why. Spanking HURTS. Unless it’s a purely erotic, playful one involving little more than just a bit of sexy sting. But most spankos crave a real spanking and seek out a female disciplinarian who will administer exactly that. So if you’re counting down the minutes until your appointment to have a hickory paddle or a thick leather strap vigorously applied to your bare bottom, you’re bound to be apprehensive.

Some spanking phone callers have admitted to me that they don’t enjoy the actual spanking at all. The thrill is in that feeling of nervous anticipation beforehand. Standing in the corner. Being scolded. Having to go and get a particular implement, maybe shuffling along with his underwear around his ankles, and having to hand it over and ask for his spanking. Being put into position, feeling so vulnerable and exposed. And afterward — the heat and sting and soreness in his bottom. Looking in the mirror to see how red his cheeks are. All of that is a huge turn on.

But none of those things would be a turn on at all if the dreaded spanking wasn’t part of the package. He knows he’ll hate it when he’s over her knees, feeling the hairbrush or strap raining down one painful swat after another on his rapidly reddening bottom, as he struggles not to kick and not to yelp. But he craves it anyway even though he dreads it. Because he it’s enduring the struggle and accepting the pain is what makes the anticipation so exciting and the aftermath so gratifying.

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Spanking Phone Fantasy – Spanked At Work

This was a fun spanking fantasy from one of my recent spanking phone sessions. Have you ever fantasized about being spanked at work?


Bare bottom spanking fantasy at work

Mistress Edenn

“What? This is ridiculous! You can’t be serious,” he replied indignantly to the stern-faced young woman across the desk from him.

“I don’t know why you look so surprised. You know the company rules on this, Mr. Simons,” she said firmly. “The company computers may not be used for personal business. And especially not for looking at internet porn.”

“Yes, yes, I do know. I made a mistake. It was one time. I assure you I’ll never do it again. Now let’s just move on and get back to business,” he replied, embarrassed at being scolded by this young attractive woman who now knew about his porn habit.

“Move on? I’m sure you realize that’s not possible. This is a serious violation of company policy. It can’t just be overlooked. There have to be consequences. I really should refer it to Human Resources but that would almost certainly result in your employment being terminated,” she replied. “I thought I was doing you a favor by suggesting I handle it myself. But if you’d rather go through the regular channels, fine. I’ll make the report to HR right now.”

“No!,” he exclaimed frantically. Good grief, he couldn’t even imagine going home and telling his wife he’d gotten fired for looking at porn at work.

“Listen, I’ll stay late at work every night this week — uh, no, every night for the rest of the month”, he correctly himself quickly as she frowned at him and then he stammered on. “But you can’t …. what you said before. Well, there’s just no way … I mean, you can’t possibly be serious about ….. about ….. ”

“I am quite serious. A spanking. An old fashioned bare bottom spanking with this hairbrush. Right here, right now. It’s that or I’ll have to report your activities to Human Resources. It’s entirely up to you,” she said calmly.

He was incredulous.  “A spanking?  A bare bottom spanking??? Miss Johnson, are you crazy? I am your boss!”, he nearly shouted.

“Not for the next 15 minutes, sir,” she replied, looking him coolly in the eye as she lightly tapped the heavy wood hairbrush against the palm of her hand. “If you didn’t want to be spanked at work, you shouldn’t be looking at porn when you should be working. Now drop your pants and underwear, bend over the desk, and let’s get started.”


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