Female Disciplinarian Spankers


Spanking phone sex with Mistress Edenn

Mistress Edenn

I provide domestic discipline style spanking phone sessions.

Call Mistress Edenn for phone sex on Niteflirt.comThere’s nothing I enjoy more than delivering a sound spanking to a naughty male bottom …. the feel of you over my lap, with your bare bottom exposed, and the heat of your cheeks against my hand as I spank them to a bright red.

Call me if you want to role play or talk about your spanking fantasies.  Or if you’ve been misbehaving, have a hairbrush, paddle or strap with you before you call and I will give you the bare bottom spanking that you deserve.

* * *

Queen Jess offers spanking phone advice

Queen Jess Advice

Tell me about how She has spanked or otherwise disciplined you. If She has not yet started spanking you, let’s talk about what it would be like. Confess to me the reasons why you already know that you need a spanking.

Call QueenJessAdvice for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

If you are worried about being “outed” to your friends, in regards to your new role in the household, please call. I can help prepare you for this occurrence in your life.

Women, direct your beta male to call me to learn just how common it is for males to live within their submissive nature, letting you lead.

* * *

Phone spanking sessions with Olivia Vexx

Mistress Olivia Vexx

I have developed an expertise in the proper application of corporal punishment for naughty adult boys and for those who fantasize about discipline role play and wish to experience the reality of their dreams.
Call Mistress Olivia Vexx for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

I believe no-nonsense discipline of the old fashioned kind to be the perfect antidote to the smart alecky knows-it-all alpha male who needs to be brought down a peg and put firmly in his place. I do hand spankings, OTK, flog, paddle, and cane; the more you squirm the harder it gets. Bend over and get ready to get take what you have coming to you.

* * *

Spanking phone discipline with Lady Lilac

The Lady Lilac

You need me to give you the spanking of your life!
You need me to burn that ass over my soft, plump knee …

You need me to paddle your hungry ass until you dribble from your mouth and your cock.

Call The Lady Lilac for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

You need the release you will receive from my spanking your backside again and again …
You need to present your bottom to me for a bare ass spanking …

You need to CRY …
You need to CUM …

You need my loving hands against those ass cheeks.

* * *

Mistress Lee gives over the knees spankings

Mistress Lee

Hello. I’m Mistress Lee. It has been my experience that men need to be disciplined on a regular basis. I’m a dominant wife who regularly spanks my husband to keep him in line.

Call FantasyLdy007 for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

I know how to give good old-fashioned over- the- knee spanking and I’m not afraid to blister a man’s bottom. Depending on my mood, I will use my hand, or a hairbrush, a paddle, or perhaps a bamboo cane. Whatever gets the job done. Call me if you are in need of a strict Disciplinarian who also understands the sensuous side of this fetish. I’ll be waiting!