For The Love Of Spanking

standing in the corner, awaiting his spankingSome of my spanking phone callers have told me that they have a love/hate relationship with the experience of actually being spanked. This is true no matter how compelling their spanking fetish is, no matter how much time they spend fantasizing about spanking, looking at spanking videos or reading spanking stories. When the time finally comes and they’re about to get the bare bottom blistering they’ve been dreaming of — and even arranged for themselves — they often find themselves full of nervous dread, wondering why on earth they thought this was such a great idea.

It’s easy to understand why. Spanking HURTS. Unless it’s a purely erotic, playful one involving little more than just a bit of sexy sting. But most spankos crave a real spanking and seek out a female disciplinarian who will administer exactly that. So if you’re counting down the minutes until your appointment to have a hickory paddle or a thick leather strap vigorously applied to your bare bottom, you’re bound to be apprehensive.

Some spanking phone callers have admitted to me that they don’t enjoy the actual spanking at all. The thrill is in that feeling of nervous anticipation beforehand. Standing in the corner. Being scolded. Having to go and get a particular implement, maybe shuffling along with his underwear around his ankles, and having to hand it over and ask for his spanking. Being put into position, feeling so vulnerable and exposed. And afterward — the heat and sting and soreness in his bottom. Looking in the mirror to see how red his cheeks are. All of that is a huge turn on.

But none of those things would be a turn on at all if the dreaded spanking wasn’t part of the package. He knows he’ll hate it when he’s over her knees, feeling the hairbrush or strap raining down one painful swat after another on his rapidly reddening bottom, as he struggles not to kick and not to yelp. But he craves it anyway even though he dreads it. Because he it’s enduring the struggle and accepting the pain is what makes the anticipation so exciting and the aftermath so gratifying.

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