Spanking Phone Fantasy – Spanked At Work

This was a fun spanking fantasy from one of my recent spanking phone sessions. Have you ever fantasized about being spanked at work?


Bare bottom spanking fantasy at work

Mistress Edenn

“What? This is ridiculous! You can’t be serious,” he replied indignantly to the stern-faced young woman across the desk from him.

“I don’t know why you look so surprised. You know the company rules on this, Mr. Simons,” she said firmly. “The company computers may not be used for personal business. And especially not for looking at internet porn.”

“Yes, yes, I do know. I made a mistake. It was one time. I assure you I’ll never do it again. Now let’s just move on and get back to business,” he replied, embarrassed at being scolded by this young attractive woman who now knew about his porn habit.

“Move on? I’m sure you realize that’s not possible. This is a serious violation of company policy. It can’t just be overlooked. There have to be consequences. I really should refer it to Human Resources but that would almost certainly result in your employment being terminated,” she replied. “I thought I was doing you a favor by suggesting I handle it myself. But if you’d rather go through the regular channels, fine. I’ll make the report to HR right now.”

“No!,” he exclaimed frantically. Good grief, he couldn’t even imagine going home and telling his wife he’d gotten fired for looking at porn at work.

“Listen, I’ll stay late at work every night this week — uh, no, every night for the rest of the month”, he correctly himself quickly as she frowned at him and then he stammered on. “But you can’t …. what you said before. Well, there’s just no way … I mean, you can’t possibly be serious about ….. about ….. ”

“I am quite serious. A spanking. An old fashioned bare bottom spanking with this hairbrush. Right here, right now. It’s that or I’ll have to report your activities to Human Resources. It’s entirely up to you,” she said calmly.

He was incredulous.  “A spanking?  A bare bottom spanking??? Miss Johnson, are you crazy? I am your boss!”, he nearly shouted.

“Not for the next 15 minutes, sir,” she replied, looking him coolly in the eye as she lightly tapped the heavy wood hairbrush against the palm of her hand. “If you didn’t want to be spanked at work, you shouldn’t be looking at porn when you should be working. Now drop your pants and underwear, bend over the desk, and let’s get started.”


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